Buyers head into 2018 facing continued pressure to cut costs

A Business Travel Show survey has revealed that buyers expect the continued pressure to cut costs while maintaining quality to be the biggest issue to impact them in 2018.

The poll of 243 business travel buyers asked,What is the biggest issue facing you over the next 12 months?” Cutting costs reigns top of the list for the third consecutive year, followed by an increased focus on duty of care for the second time in a row.

In third place (up five from last year) is rising hotel rates and, more specifically, availability. Rising airfares is at number six, a drop of three positions. Brexit – a new entry on the table in 2017 – features again in fourth place. Enforcing compliance continues to freefall down the table, from second place in 2016, to fifth last year and seventh for 2018. Unsurprisingly, GDPR – which comes into force next May – features on the list for the first time in tenth place.

“It’s not surprising to see cost cutting and duty of care as the top two challenges facing buyers over the next 12 months, especially given the recent spate of terrorist attacks across Europe and further afield; it’s simply not an opportunity for buyers to ignore traveller risk anymore, it must be a priority for them, their organisations and their partners,” said David Chapple, Business Travel Show event director.

“Buyers have been so vocal about the debate around hotel availability this year that it was also not unexpected to see the issue around hotel rates rate so highly. But I was a little surprised to see Brexit so high on the table, given that many people feel the initial instability it caused for corporate travel was short-lived and the after effects will remain somewhat of an unknown until March 2019 at the earliest.”

1Cutting costs while maintaining qualityCutting costs while maintaining qualityCutting costs while maintaining qualityRising airfaresNDC
2Increased focus on duty of care/traveller risk/terrorism    Increased focus on duty of care/traveller risk/terrorism    Enforcing compliance and engaging travellersControlling costs and managing spendTravel management 2.0
3Hotel pricing and availabilityRising airfaresGDS contentEnforcing complianceData
4Brexit    BrexitRisk management vs cost savings Increased hotel ratesSustainability
5Keeping up with technology/managing disconnected technology/mobile apps       Enforcing compliance and engaging travellersRising hotel ratesTraveller safetyMeetings management
6Rising airfares    Price variations between booking channelsRising airfaresCost savingsMobile apps
7Enforcing compliance and engaging travellersGlobal TMC integrationSupplier negotiationsAncillary feesTechnological developments
8Distribution, including NDCRising hotel ratesSecuring value for moneyThe role of the TMCFree Wi-Fi in hotels and on airlines
9The weakness of sterling/strength of EuroCutting costs while maintaining complianceOnline adoption/bookingOnline adoptionCSR
10Data including GDPR, implementing it and policing third party useData and how to use itMobile appsCost increasesTerrorism


Additionally, when asked the follow up question, “What will the biggest change in the way you buy/manage travel in the next 12 months be?” buyers responded as follows.

  1. No change            
  2. Increased use of technology         
  3. Change TMC        
  4. Increased online bookings
  5. Increased compliance
  6. Brexit
  7. Pressure to reduce costs                 
  8. Engage a TMC
  9. Direct bookings
  10. Consolidate suppliers
  11. Value for money
  12. Find a new travel and expense tool
  13. Increased focus on safety
  14. Reduce travel
  15. Managing with a reduced budget

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Details about buyers who answered the Business Travel Show survey 2017

*243 travel buyers took part in the seventh Business Travel Show annual survey in November 2017 with responsibility for managing travel across one or more territories, as outlined below.

UK – 67%
Rest of Europe – 32%
Outside Europe – 24%

Respondents’ travel budget:

Under £150k                                       30%

£151k – £500k                                     16%

£501k – £1m                                        10%

£1m – £3m                                           12%

£3m – £10m                                         12%

£10m – £20m                                       7%

More than £20 m                                 12%

Number of travellers responsible for:

Fewer than 50                                      31%

51-100                                                 15%

101-500                                               10%

501-1000                                             7%

1001-2500                                           18%

More than 2500                                  18%

NA                                                       11%

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