Risk Management annual survey

Business Travel Show research shows more than one quarter of Travel Managers still without risk strategy.

Risk Management annual survey

This is the Risk Management annual survey. More than one quarter of travel managers still don’t have a risk management strategy in place for their travellers in spite of a spate of terrorist attacks across Europe over the last 12 months and buyers themselves citing traveller risk as the fourth biggest challenge they face in 2016.

However, this figure is an improvement on the same period last year, when 29% were without a strategy and traveller risk was one place below in the buyers’ top 20 concerns.

In further good news, when asked if they are planning to introduce a strategy for mitigating, managing and resolving traveller risk, just 7 per cent of travel managers said no, compared to 16% last year. 93% also confirmed the duty of care of their travellers was part of their role, compared to 91 per cent in 2015. 182 buyers were surveyed for this information (72 per cent from UK) by the Business Travel Show, Europe’s leading event for the corporate travel market, which takes place 24-25 February in London. Buyers were also asked if their programmes were sustainable: 60 per cent answered no, compared to 57 per cent last year, and more organisations are using travel alternatives less than they did a year ago – 12 per cent compared to 8 per cent – in line with budgets increasing.


Is your travel programme sustainable 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Yes 40 43 62 37 33 42
No – we focus on sustainability in other areas of the company 20 20        
No – not economical 9 6 10 9 12 12
No – not priority 17 14 21 32 36 25
No – planning to though 15 17 8 23 19 21


How much are you using travel alternatives? 2015 v 2014 2014 v 2013 2013 v 2012 2012 v 2011 2011 v 2010 2010 v 2009
More 36 52 60 64 44 46
Less 12 8 4 14 4 2
Same 52 40 36 23 11 52

“It’s encouraging to see the numbers of buyers with a strategy in place is on the rise, but equally concerning that more than a quarter still don’t have a form arrangement in place. Responsible travel management has been creeping up the agenda for buyers for the last few years, but the recent attacks in Paris, Egypt and Istanbul make the introduction and execution of a traveller risk strategy all the more pressing,” explained David Chapple, Business Travel Show Director.

“The BBC’s Deputy Head of High Risk, Karen Peek is speaking on a panel session at the Business Travel Show – Managing Travel in High Risk Areas; and Kate Scully from Petrofac will be putting delegates through a real time evacuation scenario – and I urge all buyers to attend both sessions.”

7,500 European industry professionals are expected to attend the Business Travel Show 2016, alongside 250 suppliers covering every area of travel from global airlines and hotel groups, to trailblazing technology start-ups. Exhibitors include American Airlines, Avis, Belmond, Diners Club, Eurostar, Hertz and Virgin Trains, American Express Global Business Travel, easyJet, Hailo, Hilton, HRG, Premier Inn, Star Alliance and Travelport.

*182 travel buyers took part in the seventh Business Travel Show annual survey in November 2015. 72 per cent of respondents worked in the UK and the remaining 28 per cent in continental Europe.

Respondents’ travel budget:         %
Less than £150k/€185k                     9
£151k-£500k/€186k-€625k                5
£501k-£1m/€626k-€1.3m                   8
£1m-£3m/€1.3m-€3.75m                    17
£3m-£10m/€3.75m-€12.5m                14
£10m+/€12.5m+                                  47

Number of travellers responsible for:          %
Fewer than 50                                 11
51-100                                             8
101-500                                           13
501-1000                                         13
1000+                                               51
N.A.                                                   4

fuentes: www.businesstravelshow.com